Unsolved Mysteries

They had pictures on TV again, from up there in space.

What are they looking for up there - that isn't already down here?

Again, I come crashing down from space

my head spins through the atmosphere

before slowly hovering above

this I simply can not explain

or anything else, completely


Thinking myself out of the moment as I turn red

switch off this present

to reveal the fuzzy connections inside my head

pondering what could be next

if everything was different instead


Coming back down but in so many pieces

I know sometimes it hurts

to watch

without the fear of possibly breaking –

a little yourself


However, taking your picture honestly helps

I can show everyone

how much beauty

this single piece of me

can help them see


If our time

is truly right now

can I keep solving past mysteries

in hopes of  a better future,

and also have time to just be –

or do I simply fail to catch any steam?















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