Suspicious @ 15

What am I, really? The sun does not make me happy, nor the rain get me sad yet I stand on their edge like a border Perhaps happy and sad are another language for a body built to understand such things. I am full of stuff and things.

We Came To Rest

We Came to Rest I came and my monster followed closely behind, out here in the December air; both ready finally, to rest.   Is this it? Did the night air just speak to me? The fullness of her light is dancing as the wisps of vapor energy float by – a gradient drop of the pressure in…

How does it make you feel?

I do not feel like you – I melt inward way down And the heat it generates Creates a blanket of sweat All over my face and body   It slowly pools beneath me, cleansing the toxins and soaking through the mattress – before dripping on the slanted wooden floor.   It seeps outside towards…

Dream Files from Old New England

An excerpt from “Final Resting Place”. My body violently jerks out of sleep. Like in the movies when you see someone wake up in a dream. It’s never happened to me before. It’s happening right now and I feel it — perhaps the strangest sensation I have ever experienced. My body rises out of bed…

Blue Hill Horizons

All of these photographs were taken in Apri of 2018 in and around the Blue Hills Reservation. Canton, MA.

Storm Clouds

Over the abandoned Quincy Quarry. Quincy, MA. April 2018.

Aerial Over it All

A collection of aerial video and photography captured during the winter of 2018 in Massachusetts with a DJI Spark.

This is My Desire

7:43 pm Friday Night After 5 times checking, there is still no sign of his car. It will get dark shortly, and if he does not get here soon I am going to explode. The phone says he should be here soon. Deep breathe— let’s relax. He’s not coming from very far but I would…

Unsolved Mysteries

They had pictures on TV again, from up there in space. What are they looking for up there – that isn’t already down here?

Black + White

These are some recent black and white photographs of some furry friends. Taken at Burrage Pond Wildlife Mgmt. area in Halifax, MA. (April 2018)        

Euro Mutt

  Or, personal labels I am comfortable with My sense of beauty is Italia, simple yet bold. pragmatism of Deutschland thoughtful and structured attitude towards others of France laissez-faire but curious passion of Scotland misunderstood yet strong presence of England conservative and reserved pace of España relaxed with meaning purpose of Ireland complicated and symbolic…

Please Come Home

A 20-pound ball of empathy – he is one of our marvelous creatures. Has anything ever held a mirror up to your humanity like an animal that loves or an animal that fears? Throughout history, we have served each other’s purpose. They are bred in our reflection mutts at the core, wanting to be truly known, begging…

Art Jobs

For the Chronically Restless Think of anyone you know with quilts And call them right now Do they have time to spare? -Great – go over there -Can’t explain now -There’s work to do And you need their help with something Desperately   Once there, find every single quilt Just lay them all down and…

Goddamned Kylie Already Did It

I’m spinning around Move outta my way I know you’re feeling me ‘Cause you like it like this I’m breaking it down I’m not the same I know you’re feeling me ‘Cause you like it like this Traded in some sorrow For some joy that I borrowed From back in the day Threw away my…

Leaning Birch

This photo was taken at the Burrage Pond Wildlife Mgmt. area in Halifax, Massachusetts. March 2018.

Nothing is Ever Easy

A Small Glitch Appears: In Utero A nuchal cord was wrapped around my neck 3 times when I was a fetus inside of my mother’s uterus. After discovering this on the sonogram, the doctor decided to enact emergency labor, as he was concerned the cord might restrict the flow of oxygen to my tiny brain. Although…

You Are Conscious Matter

Aerial View of The Abandoned Quarry with Graffiti – Quincy, MA The Quincy Quarries produced granite for over a century and was the site of the Granite Railway—often credited as being the first railroad in the United States. The last active quarry closed in 1963. After their abandonment, the open quarries filled with rainwater and…

In like a lion – out like a lamb…

Aerial View of a Traditional New England Farmhouse (March 2018) A traditional New England farmhouse and the surrounding property thaw from a series of March snowstorms. This residence (built in 1914) was originally situated on a family farm located a few hundred yards due East, where Interstate 93 currently passes the Blue Hill of Massachusetts….

Great Blue Hill at Dusk

Commuters on Interstate 93 drive by the Great Blue Hill in Canton, Massachusetts – part of the larger Blue Hills Reservation, a 6,000-acre state park located roughly 10 miles southwest of Boston, Massachusetts. The reservation covers parts of Canton, Milton, Dedham, Randolph, and Quincy and is one of the most expansive sections of protected conservation…

Father Time

Digital collage inspired by the beauty of pine trees and the passing of time. Original Retouch 1 Distortion Effects Recoloring + additional effects Current

Trapp Family Lodge

This photo was taken at the Trapp Family Lodge Resort in Stowe, Vermont. March 2018.