Grand Chasm Skywalk. Arizona, USA

There are things right in front of us

that I simply

cannot see.

Overly apparent to most,

sometimes painfully.

Poor at learning from others and

even worse at sharing — chronically.

But that time will come,

as you may be surprised to see,

the hidden things as well

as they come very differently,

for me — then they do to you.

Can you already tell?


Waiting to be discovered through exploration,

understood —

record my expression through the lens or

a pen,

But how?

They are not linear for me, so otherwise

Cannot be visible to you.

Not right now.


Thinking is my endless, natural resource.

Or is it after all?

To make something of them,

they need to be primed and pruned,

prepared through analysis and care.

Oh yes, that I can do!


I just cannot share.

I simply must share.

Trust it.


Today, a blockage exists — something unclear —

endless thought energy without a focused flow – through.

This will be released

or it will cause me more useless havoc, I am sure.


I will create this record, my artifact,

and then hand it off to you.

A shared experience at the moment;


with someone.

Not thinking, not explaining.,

so brand new.



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