There’s Something about Sepia

More than just a cool sounding tone

Sepia tones are used in photography; the hue resembles the effect of aging in old photographs, and of older photographs chemically treated either for visual effect or for archival purposes. Most photo graphics software programs and many digital cameras include a sepia tone option. (source — wikipedia)

The sepia bug bit me recently and I’m pretty satisfied with some of the results. Many are still “works in progress” — but I’ve provided a few here for you to peruse.

I’ve really only used the sepia tone in the past for daylight edits as I love the historical “slow and reflective” pause it can give photos when needed. However, for lower light shots, I also enjoy the mellow pop (reminds me of old-school car headlights) it can provide.

These photographs were taken over the past few months (Sept — November 2017 ) within the Blue Hills area of Massachusetts (a nature reservation that surrounds my neighborhood) — located among the southwest suburbs of Boston.

*Fun Fact — did you know that sepia received its name due to its similarity to the pigment produced from the ink sac of the common cuttlefish Sepia.(Latin).

IMG_2125-2IMG_1889-4IMG_0609 (2)-30130a949101d08c631802543ff010d4b08bacf63f61homanlane-601fbc8aa148d8d71555b1a206f34d948fd2dab064c-20147b409b973f9ed7ccf146abea1c2b7fda498cf9a

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