Dumpster Diving

The dumpster arrived recently

just in time for some overdue spring cleaning

And I could not help but imagine

how lovely

all of this stuff and extra things

would appear inside

collected one final time

to be fully recorded and


so, I could see them for what they truly are

and they can finally be


rid of me


On top of the stained green sofa from the basement

I laid down all expectation

For the hearts and minds of others

For nobody can appreciate a nature so personal

For what it truly means

Not I or anybody else


It is rid of me


David helped to carve out space

To place my unused galleries of thought

For they are only vapor clutter

if not fully pruned to serve a purpose

Let us forever end the collection of extra pieces

For the sake of making something appear complete

They should have become ash years ago


Rid them of me


Finally, the glorious day came

that day everything changed

I obtained a more complete view

Of the past behind me,

So I could venture on the path ahead


Yes, the dumpster has finally been

Hauled away

And only in its absence

Could I truly become me

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