A Restless Lullaby

Most likely because I am awful

at misunderstandings in general,

self-promotion in particular.

On my own schedule to a fault.

Your circadian rhythm

My cirCANT-ian rhythm

The body resists even the most primitive form of authority

I need a process for my days, hours, minutes, second bursts of focus

and yes, some conformity is necessary — that much I have learned

(connections are a consequence of deep focused thought. I’ve made the connections carefully, to the degrees I find probable. But I must better express my line of thinking to others — then they will be more likely to see. I often even forget to put (the) in front of sentences that need them.)

Yes, iteration

a bridge for me.

To the other side, of self-exploration I desperately need

a calling card to other tribe members

your support is wanted, now more than ever

please forgive the errors, they will soon be rewarded

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