Fall Near The Great Blue Hill (Part 6)

October 31st

A few friends are coming over tonight for dinner and to carve pumpkins. I am juggling a few creative projects while preparing for their visit.

One rush leads to another and our guests are just 10 minutes from arrival. I suddenly remember the candy bucket and unload a long, slow personal sigh; I forgot to bring the candy over to Marlena. Another missed opportunity. It annoys me briefly but I quickly let the excitement of our approaching night sink in.

I cannot wait to carve pumpkins — a joy from childhood that I try to repeat every Halloween. Its one of the few holiday traditions I continue. Our friends arrive and we have a relaxed and enjoyable night, low key and casual, but good conversation with creative energy.


I never know what design I’ll use and always end up doing something a little “experimental” — basically mine is usually the pumpkin that looks like it’s only a third of the way done. And broken.

I am attempting a sky scene with punctured holes for stars and more intricate carvings for a moon and various other “celestial bodies”. The idea came from Google.

Upon finishing, there are a few mistakes but I am oddly satisfied. It’s not perfect, but at least its slightly different and not something that will blend into the background.



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