Ghost Ship

About a year ago, I began experimenting with night photography and now enjoy both its challenges and the progress I have made.

I realize this “sounds” odd, but I had no intention of taking a double exposure the night in question — it happened as a result of hastily just shooting what lay in front of me. There was a lot of to capture and not much time.

This was actually the first digital double exposure I ever captured — and while I have created a few others since this is the most finished to date.

How does an “accidental” double exposure happen?

I was using a low light camera app known as “Slow Shutter” (I highly recommend it, and its free of charge), with settings to capture light trails, blurred effects, and more pronounced light resulting from longer/slower shutter speeds.

The ship in silhouette (the USS Salem docked in Quincy, MA) was taken first, and then I shoved the phone in my pocket to find my inpatient friends.

Moments later, while facing the opposite direction toward the boardwalk area, I snapped another image, not realizing it captured over the remaining one — a feature I hadn’t really explored yet.

I was happy upon my return home — the finer details of the image more apparent on the larger laptop display.

I’ll do this one again eventually — maybe even write something for it. Maybe some type of horror fiction — my title reminds me of a Scooby-Doo episode.

But this just doesn’t feel complete at the moment — and I am perfectly fine with that.


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