Trapp Family Lodge

This photo was taken at the Trapp Family Lodge Resort in Stowe, Vermont. March 2018.  

Long Shadows

This photograph was taken in January 2018 while on a hike in the Blue Hills reservation (Milton, MA). It reminds me of the opening credits from the anthology horror/sci-fi tv series from the 80’s; “Tales from the DarkSide”, as the credits end a blurry image of black and white trees appear, along with some haunting…

Come to the Ocean

Digital Collage. The photo was taken on George’s Island. Boston Harbor. 2016.

A Closer Look

This photo was taken in the Fall of 2017 in the Blue Hills Reservation. Milton, Massachusetts.  

Santa Gives me the Head Spins

<note reads> Feb 13th Mrs. Callahan, Do you know this little boy? While standing in the line to have a picture taken with Santa, this little boy’s mom asked me to take his picture. But, I don’t know her! I forgot I had the picture until coming across it yesterday. I believe he is new…

The Horizon

Digital photo collage. Images were taken in July 2017. Montreal Nightclub.

Paddy at Home

Taken at home on a surprisingly warm February day (2017)

Chase Rides

Riding in cars with Chase. This photograph was taken in November 2017.


In lieu of fog, mirrors and blinds will obstruct just fine.

Aruba Sunset

Taken in Aruba Harbor in late December, 2016.

Travel Capsule: NYE in Reykjavik (video)

The locals in Iceland’s largest city know how to put on a show. In the months leading up to the NYE holiday, markets and stands sell fireworks openly and many of the proceeds help support national charities. Many participate in creating their own mini-shows in varying parts of the city – creating an amazing 360 fireworks…


There is beauty in mistakes. These are a few of my favorite “glitches”.


Retouched Memories: A Series Haircuts with Grandma Ouida (weed-a) 1980’s Louisiana Before Britney did it, and in the same state…

Fall Nights

All photos were taken in the fall of 2017 in Canton, MA.

Fall Near The Great Blue Hill (Part 6)

October 31st A few friends are coming over tonight for dinner and to carve pumpkins. I am juggling a few creative projects while preparing for their visit. One rush leads to another and our guests are just 10 minutes from arrival. I suddenly remember the candy bucket and unload a long, slow personal sigh; I…

Mask Off

I Wish I Had My Mask On An old common and tired refrain.

Dogs are Boys, Cats are Girls

Dogs are Boys, Cats are Girls More than a fuzzy childhood memory. Boys are dogs and cats are girls or musings from an idiot child. No, im not going to check with anybody, why? How would I bring that up to someone, normally. Hi boy next to me who never speaks either. What do you…

Ghost Ship

About a year ago, I began experimenting with night photography and now enjoy both its challenges and the progress I have made. I realize this “sounds” odd, but I had no intention of taking a double exposure the night in question — it happened as a result of hastily just shooting what lay in front of…

A Restless Lullaby

A Lullaby for the Restless Most likely because I am awful at misunderstandings in general, self-promotion in particular. On my own schedule to a fault. Your circadian rhythm – My cirCANT-ian rhythm The body resists even the most primitive form of authority. I need a process for my days, hours, minute bursts of focus. And yes, some conformity…

Look up dang’it!

Its Chicken Girl with the ugly floral backpack and she desperately needs to tell you something. Shot in the Gaslight District of San Diego. October, 2017.

Fall Near The Great Blue Hill (Part 5)

October 25th Dave enjoys decorating the house for Halloween as it reminds him of his childhood and I enjoy the festive mood and his happiness. He also loves shopping (for anything) and went to the grocery store to buy some candy and small toys for the kids that live in the house directly behind us….

Fall Near The Great Blue Hill (Part 4)

October 22nd She is Marlena, widow of James. Born in Germany. Former biology researcher. In my stealthy way, I stole her name from the mailbox and draw it out like a 5-year-old learning to spell. Phonetically. Doing this makes me realize how beautiful I find the name. A few google searches supplied the additional bio….

Fall Near The Great Blue Hill (Part 3)

October 13th A slow fall Saturday provides a good enough excuse to perform some yard cleanup. Workers from the highway transportation office recently cut back a sizeable portion of the brush that borders our property — an ongoing effort to curb roadside accidents involving the growing whitetail population. Now, besides the sizeable leaf accumulation —…

Fall Near the Great Blue Hill – A Visual Story

September 1956 Day breaks over the Great Blue Hill of Massachusetts as the low and heavy rumble of large excavating equipment fills the surrounding air. The equipment is clearing the path for the first section of interstate 93 — the newest planned addition to the national highway system. Once complete it will be the first…

The 6 Dimensions of Personality

The 6 Major Dimensions of Personality as outlined in the Hexaco Personality Inventory – revised (2010) The HEXACO model of personality structure is a six-dimensional model of human personality that was created by Ashton and Lee and explained in their book, The H Factor of Personality[1] based on findings from a series of lexical studies…

Artifact of a Product Manager

(let’s see how much of the natural sunlight I can suck out of this photo….) I Was Really Bad at Photography Before I Became Any Good