Art Jobs

For the Chronically Restless

Think of anyone you know with quilts

And call them right now

Do they have time to spare?

-Great – go over there

-Can’t explain now

-There’s work to do

And you need their help with something



Once there, find every single quilt

Just lay them all down

and start taking pictures;

-with your smart phone,

-or your flip phone,

-even a go pro.

no matter – just take the damn pictures-

thousands if need be


Grab a pen and pad and ask your friend

To write it all down

The details of each quilt


-people, places

-and all the things

Don’t fret if they give a bit of grief

You needed them;

Soon you will see


Hug your quilt friend bye and wish them well

You are almost there

Now to complete this task

-Process the pictures

-Read every story

-Now make a collage (from anything)

Who are you – genuinely?

This question is a gift from you to them –

Start conversing.




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