I Melt Down

I do not feel,

I melt down.

And the heat it generates

Makes me sweat

All over my face and body.


It slowly pools beneath me,

cleansing the toxins and

soaking through the mattress –

dripping on the slanted floor.


It seeps outside towards the horizon

out my cracked window onto the earth.

Another nighttime implosion;

a penance to nature

for reckless dreamtime emoting.


I try to capture them.

Show up to the last day of school

Or work an endless shift,

But instead go nowhere,

just trip up and

awake into consciousness.


I do not emit

this force field

softy glowing and magnetic

for the sake of masking –

it shields from a recessive condition

of external disconnection

that is regressing.


This is me,

I do not feel like you do.

I melt

way down.


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